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You Me At Six

Cavalier Youth CD Album

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Release Date: 27/01/2014

Discs: 1

Recorded in Los Angeles ‘CAVALIER YOUTH’ shows the band’s grasp of a great melody and riffs, and how to make a brand new song sound like an instant classic. Producer Neal Avron has helped the five piece from Surrey make the album they have always promised to deliver. Vocalist Josh Franceschi comments “For the first time, there’s a real cohesiveness in our sound,” with Max Helyer (guitars) adding “We want to be a band that’s listened to by everybody.” The line up is completed with Dan Flint – Drums, Chris Miller – Guitars and Matt Barnes – Bass.

1. Too Young To Feel This Old
2. Lived A Lie
3. Fresh Start Fever
4. Forgive and Forget
5. Room To Breathe
6. Win Some, Lose Some
7. Cold Night
8. Hope For The Best
9. Love Me Like You Used To
10. Be Who You Are
11. Carpe Diem
12. Wild Ones