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Pre-order 'SUCKAPUNCH' from this store to access pre-sale
tickets for forthcoming UK tour dates!

Pre-ordering the album provides access to pre-sale tickets, and is not a guarantee of tickets. Dates announced on 22nd September 2020.

No purchase necessary for ticket pre-sale access. Click Here.


Deluxe Suckapunch Bundle (Signed) $45.00

Deluxe Suckapunch CD Bundle (Signed) $21.00

Suckapunch CD / Vinyl Bundle (Signed) $39.00

Suckapunch T-Shirt Bundle (Signed) $46.00

Super Suckapunch Bundle (Signed) $91.00

Suckapunch Deluxe CD (Signed) + Splatter Vinyl (Signed) + Live CD (Exclusive) $39.00

Suckapunch T-Shirt / Splatter Bundle (Signed) $59.00

Suckapunch Vinyl (Signed) + Cassette + T-Shirt $52.00

Suckapunch Splatter Vinyl (Signed) + Cassette $33.00

Suckapunch Vinyl (Signed) + Cassette $30.00

Suckapunch CD (Signed) + Cassette $18.00

Suckapunch Deluxe CD (Signed) + T-Shirt + Live CD (Exclusive) $36.00